The Woodwriter Team

Director & Editor: Jeff Winch is an independent artist who produces films, videos, photography and installations. His work explores a diverse range of interests and approaches. Dogs, underdogs, silent film, faded photographs and most recently, a curious wood engraver, all populate his idiosyncratic body of work. He has exhibited internationally at festivals and galleries, and his films and videos have been televised in Europe and North America.

Music: Nicholas Stirling is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in keyboard, percussion, guitar and woodwind. He has created original music scores for award-winning programs on CBC, TVO, NFB, Knowledge Network, APTN, Canadian Geographic, Canal D, and Discovery. At Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, he has facilitated over 300 hand-drumming, music and storytelling sessions with patients.

Cinematography: John Marsonet is an internationally experienced Director of Photography. He has filmed in a number of locations, from boardrooms to camel markets, studio shoots to documentary style field productions. His work has taken him across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. An adjunct professor of Cinematography in Toronto, he is inspired by his students and their ambitions.

Rotoscoping: Katrina Kalev executed the rotoscoping segments of Woodwriter, so that footage of George resembled his own engravings. Katrina is a video editor in Toronto.

VFX Compositing: Theo Nunn executed the VFX compositing scenes that sent George back in time, looking for Mary Pickford. Theo is a director and 3D artist in London, GB.